Word Solver – Make Words from Scrambled Letters

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, people have started spending more time at their homes with their family members. And I am sure you will agree with the fact that this post-pandemic world has brought board games into our routines. Families started to make this ample amount of time much productive among them by playing board games that include, for example, scrabble.

As we have many fans of board game addicts around so we are here to enlighten you with the tool called word solver. It helps the player to succeed at their word games like crossword puzzles. However, if a word solver tool is new to you then you are at the right article so stay tuned while we explain what it is and when it comes in handy.

We can call it a gamer’s block, as there can be some moments where it can be difficult to spell words correctly. To, think of the right kind of word at the right time. Word solver is the biggest solution for having access to word generator at an enjoyable pace. It also creates ease at playing pro-level games. It assists with great skillful advice like where to play words and which one to retain. It is not only a scrabble solver but it can also unscramble the letters.

Word Solver – When and Why needed

We have different categories of world solver, depending upon which type of games you play. There are so many fun and interesting word games despite any age restrictions. This universal tool makes the gaming session much better and increases the probability of equal chances of winning. Below are some types discussed for you:

Word Scramble Finder

The goal of this tool is to help when you are stuck for so long. It reduces your extra time for thinking that proportionally increases more time in playing multiple scrabble games on a sleepover night. This external help is the best source for quality playing time which leaves behind an ample amount of fun.

For better unscrambling ideas you just need to simply enter the letters, within a second this tool will spell magic words and display jaw-dropping word combinations in front of you. If you will use word finders frequently it will make you such an expert in the game of words that may be in the future you play like a pro with the tools. The cherry on the top polishes your skills and hence improves your grade in English subject too.


This word finder helps in arranging and rearranging the letters of words or phrases you input in the tool. The database has a lot of synonyms that assist in finding new words having the same meanings. Another type of anagram solver contains antonyms in its database that helps in finding opposites of words entered.

Thus, Anagram solvers are of many types as it depends upon which type of anagram game you want to play. The type of dictionary by this tool is the SOWPODS which is an open-source dictionary at a larger scale. This setup helps in best word-making and taking in no time.

Word Solver – An application

Before starting a game, browse the type of word solver you are in need of in your app or Google store of any device. Download the app; it is portable and very handy. Only a good internet connection is required for these apps to work efficiently on your mobile phones or tablets. Apps are more conveniently viewed on cellphones as compare to websites.

How to use Word Solver

Word solvers assist in multiple main languages so it includes a variety of dictionaries working in the backend. Up to 15 to 20 letters are required to enter; spaces or blanks can also be used for blank tiles.  For advance word search, you can use prefixes and suffixes also. This saves a lot of your time. After finding the result, click on the word to find its meaning. The words used are already from a dictionary which is mainly scrabble based so don’t worry about the acceptance of words.

Plus point you can also at times see the scores of each word. The scores are calculated within the influence of blank spaces left by you and they are highlighted in a color. Universal tip word finder is mainly made for board games but they can be widely used for better learning in English writing skills too.

Words by length

A Word solver comes with a multi-functioning for finding words in different lengths. This productive tool can help you with as least as 3 letter words. It saves your time as it is very flexible and user-friendly in generating words of different lengths. It helps in generating new words regardless of their length. You would have been so sure that your pre-school has taught you with all 3 letter words back then but the word finder’s output will definitely astonish you.

Extra- benefits of word finder

If we talk about uses of word finder apart from its performances at word games. They possess a lot of benefits in general. This multi-purpose amazing tool brings the best possible opportunities you would have never thought of, find some in the following:

For beginner authors: If writing is what you are passionate about but writer’s block is very annoying for you then don’t you worry, word solver brings a variety of meaningful and worthy words that gives you new ideas for your story writing. These words will help in spreading lots of colors in the essence of the story.

Interesting replacement of Dictionary: A stack of brown pages in the dictionary seems very boring that loses your interest in learning new words, or finds the meaning of difficult words you came across. This word solver does not let this interest of your die in you. It is a very interesting and engaging way for finding meanings and other new words.

Final Verdict:

If becoming a pro at word board games was always your dream then you were just this article away to make your dream come true. Make use the most out of this tool as we have discussed above and it will make you addicted to the word solvers. So, what are you waiting for? Make this upcoming hang out with friends way more interesting by playing multiple types of word games in multiple ways as word solvers already got your back.