NYT Mini Crossword Answers 11/12/22

The NYT Mini crossword is the smaller version of the New York Times Crossword that is available to everyone having an NYT account. Joel Fagliano creates and edits the Mini Crossword with new word puzzles every day. Back in August 2014, The NYT launched a new app that includes the Mini Crossword Puzzle as well. 

Mini Crossword Puzzle is free for all subscribers of crossword. They can access the daily puzzle from their iPad and iPhones as well. But for the no subscribers it isn’t free, you have to buy the yearly subscription of it.

We are here to help with every solution of the NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle, as you can see below. We have personally solved the puzzle and providing you the NYT Mini Crossword Answers for Today November 12, 2022.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers for Today 12 November 2022


1a. Chicken ___ king NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- ALA

4a. See 2-Down NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- MAGIC

6a. Fully caffeinated, say NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- AWAKE

7a. Gave in under pressure NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- CAVED

8a. In the blink of an ___ NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- EYE


1d. Desert succulent used to make tequila NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- AGAVE

2d. With 4-Across, remarkably effective NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- LIKE

3d. Got everything right on, as a test NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- ACED

4d. A club, or a spice NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- MACE

5d. “You take my breath ___!” NYT mini Crossword Clue

Answer:- AWAY

The Crossword since ages ruled the heart of word gamers, especially in America. This game has been loved by millions and so the New York Times has that many subscribers every year. The black-and-white brain teaser puzzles are not only ruling the word games but also providing a great learning experience as well. So this is why we also advise you to get the NY Times yearly subscription and start playing NY Times Mini Crossword.

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