Jumbled Sentences – Sentences with Disorder Format

The sentences in which words are placed in the wrong order so that you cannot understand their meaning are called jumbled sentences. Mostly these sentences are used in academic tests. They appear before you as rearrange following jumbled words to form a sentence. So you have to rearrange a word or two in that sentence so you can make a meaningful sentence and have your correct answer. There are some examples given for better understanding.


A book is this.

Name my Ali is.

Box is big the.

How can we rearrange jumbled sentences easily?

Sometimes rearranging the jumbled words in a sentence is not easy. All you need to follow some points to make this easy for you. You can rearrange jumbled words in a sentence easily by following these simple ways;

1) Firstly make sure you read the jumbled sentence properly at least 4 times.

2) Figure out nouns and then the verbs.

3) Read again and then try to arrange it according to nouns and verbs.

4) That’ll help you to find the subject of the sentence. Now read it again and watch out that it should make a meaningful sentence.

It should make your answer correct if not then read the whole sentence again and find out your mistake.

Examples Solution:

Correct answers for these jumbled sentences will come by rearranging their words. Only then you will understand the meaning of these sentences. so we have made things easier for you and provided answers so that you can understand well.

This is a book.

My name is Ali.

The box is big.

After understanding these examples we’re now going to show you those jumbled sentences which have jumbled words too. In these sentences, you have to unjumble the words so that their meaning will be easier to understand.

Do your mohewkor before it’s too tale.

Ali is a doog yob.

As you can see in these examples there are some words that you need to unscramble first to make the sentence meaningful. For this purpose, you can use our solver to unjumble these words. Let me show you that after unscrambling words how these sentences will look.

Do your homework before it’s too late.

Ali is a good boy.

As you see it’s as simple as it looks. Just unjumble words or rearrange them to make the sentence meaningful before you.

Can a jumbled sentence have two answers?

The complexity of jumbled sentences depends on alot on this matter. However, you have to look closely at the sentence that what sense it is making actually. Only then you will get to understand that how many answers you can make out of that jumbled sentence. Let’s just suppose the following sentence is jumbled:

When I go for a walk, I listen to music, in the morning.

You can rearrange this in the following ways,

I listen to music when I go for a walk in the morning.

Although the subordinating clauses of this sentence can appear either before the main clause or after the main clause. In this way, you have at least two answers for your jumbled sentence. Moreover, the prepositional phrase in the morning is behaving as a free adjunct that can appear at any of all three positions. That will give you furthermore answers for rearranging your jumbled sentence correctly.

I listen to music when I go for a walk in the morning.

When I go for a walk, I listen to music in the morning.

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