10 Free Online Word Games to Play – No Downloads

For playing free word games online you just need to have a web browser and a strong internet connection. You should play these word puzzle games to test your vocabulary skills. People with strong English skills can unscramble letters and find words quickly. We’re here to give you the list of some great free online word games to play, where no downloading will be required.

Daily Jumble

There are many Word Games that are played online but the one we’re putting first on our list is Daily Jumble. Considered as America’s best free online word game to be played on different online platforms. In this word puzzle game, you have to unscramble four scramble letters first and then with the help of circled clues form a new Cartoon Jumble. Solving the lengthy Cartoon Puzzle is difficult sometimes, but you can take help from our beautifully designed Word Jumble Solver.

Google Feud

In the list of best free online word games on the second, we’re telling you about Google Feud. Maybe the fans of the Family Feud game show will get this as the Google Feud format. But there is a difference here, you need to try and guess the most popular autocomplete phrases in google search.
For example, someone might start the google search with the phrase “I was sitting on a.” The top 10 results will be shown on the board, you need to guess the correct one. In our example’s case, the top and the correct response will be “Chair”. I hope you didn’t expect that coming.

Word Wipe

In this game, you need to play with adjacent letters to create words. This game includes horizontal and vertical connections with some zigzagging through the grid. In Word Wipe your main goal is to clear the rows and columns. This feature makes this game different from other online word games. You need to clear as many rows as you can before running out of time.

Word Zen

Most of the online word games are tough just because of the timer, where you have to run against the clock. But Word Zen is not one of them. Because it offers you a relaxing and free environment. This online word game includes letter tiles that you need to solve and form a word. This will lead you to clear the board and win. Don’t forget to use a flash player to play Word Zen.


Most Word Games fans get disappointed sometimes that they can’t find a human opponent for Scrabble. Therefore, they have to play against the computer many times. For this reason, we have one of the best free online word games and that is Wordmeister. This is a single-player scramble word game that includes all the fundamentals of a traditional game. Definitely, you’ll love playing this.

Wander Words

A similar kind of word game to Boggle. In Wander Words, you need to click and drag the letters either horizontally or vertically to form a new word. In this regard, you can use all the letters in a single chain without unscrambling them. This game will provide you some clues like compound words or vehicles. So I am here to give you a challenge with this game that is, How many word puzzles can you solve in 3 minutes?

Words With Friends

Here comes the best in the business of free online word games. The reason behind this is that it has a huge community of active players. This has now become a slightly modified game to play with useful power-ups and classic scrabble. Moreover, Zynga is now offering this word puzzle game as a convenient Facebook app. Find this game on the google play store to enjoy on your Android phone. You can play this game while having chit chat with your friends on Facebook. In case, if you need some difficult word puzzles to overcome then get help with our Scramble Word Puzzle Solver.

Jumble Sunday

A weekly scrambled word game that most people love to play when they are on weekdays off. Jumble Sunday offers you six-word puzzles at the start that you need to unscramble. Like other free online word games, this game also includes a timer watch. When you get done with the first level of six scramble word jumble, then the most difficult part of Cartoon Jumble awaits you next. All you can get help from our Word Unscrambler to win easily.

Scramble Words

Here is another beautiful online word game for Jumble fans that is Scramble Words. If you are already a fan of word games and familiar with playing Word Cookies or Wordscapes, then this game is for you. All you need to unscramble the letters to form a new word and complete the puzzle. The main goal is that while unscrambling the letters, you should arrange them in a simple row like a Scrabble rack. If you want to cheat or get help with solving Scramble Words you can use our Jumble Puzzle Solver.


This is the second most loved game when you talk about online word games. Most people like to play this on smartphones but this is also easy to play on the computer. In this game you’ll get a circle of seven letters, by connecting them together you need to form a new meaningful word. Get some help from the Jumble Word Solver to complete the puzzle if you get stuck in forming the letters. Use the Wordscapes Facebook app to play online.

Play Free Online Word Games with your Friends

As you know that most people love playing online word games to improve their skills in vocabulary. Many of them like to play alone but others want to play with friends. They want to challenge their friends in these word puzzle games to judge those who have the best puzzle-solving skills. Who can unscramble letters quickly and come on top? There are many Multiplayer Word Games available that you can play online with your friends or loved ones.

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