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Summer’s here that come up with some boring and long days. Parents are much concerned about how to make their babies busy at home that also save their children from heat waves and yes also from enough screen time. At this time, people look at different indoor games that they should easily arrange for kids. Now kids from age groups 5 to 10 can’t play complicated games.

There is a vast list of word games available for the different age groups. One should pick according to their child’s age group. School-going kids have different types of word games. Overall word games are one of the basic and best fun ways for the interaction of kids to the alphabets, spellings, and memorizing the letters.

Word games to play at home are introduced by many psychological researchers. It is proven by the child psychologist that playing word games with children can not only provide fun but also make their minds sharper. There are different games introduced by top child psychologists and one of the fun parts is that adults can easily enjoy the game.

Best Word Games to Play at Home

There are many interesting games that are easily played by the kids from the age group five to onwards. They are not only best to kill time but also best for mind boosting. The following games are listed below known as word games:

Rhyming words

In this parents can choose one word and say their child to rhyme the same word for them. For example fog, log, dog, etc. This game not only makes them easily identify the rhyming words but also they can sense out the spellings.

Word hunting

You can choose any storybook and say your children to hunt 5-6 alphabets of their own choice to hunt. It is one of the best games for pre-school kids. It will help them identify the alphabet. Make them choose and write the chosen alphabets aside.

Big & Small words

Yes! Another fun game. Give a book to your child and say them to identify the capital letters and small letters from the given paragraph. It will not only improve their focus but also make them sensible to use capital letters in front of every sentence.

Identify the words with double letters

In this game, give your child the task to choose the word that comes up with double alphabets like “Door”. “OO” in this letter, so make your child find such letters and also make a sound of it.

One Letter change

This game is best for school-going kids. Give them four to five words and say them to add on any alphabet to make a new word for example bear and your child if add “d” it will become a beard. It is a fun game. From this game, kids will learn to create new words and also learn about spellings.

Word Games Impact on Children Psyche

Word games are best for toddlers and also for school-going kids. It not only sharpens the mind but also activates the mind to explore new things include new words, meanings. Word games are best for memorizing the spelling as well. While playing the game kids will learn the formula of words. This will lead your child to develop new learning skills as well.

Make sure to choose the word games according to your child’s age group. It is stated that each age group word game is different. Don’t get worried if your child isn’t picking up what you teaching. Make sure to give a comfortable environment and it’s just for fun. Don’t impose the games on your child.


If you are a parent and worried about which activity is best for your children. So, on my recommendation go for the word games. It will be fun for the kids and for you as well. It will provide a positive interaction with your children. You can also get help from a physible jumble solver a little bit if you face any difficult problems.

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