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There are many word games that people loved to play in their childhood as they are best for learning purposes. Playing those games was fun for you as you learned and increased your vocabulary. Now many of you are grown up and want some Best Word Games for Adults that can help you learn new dictionary words. Most of the great Word Games are played online and on mobile but you can also enjoy some multiplayer games.

Moreover, You can play these great fun word games for adults in your group of friends to enjoy the company. Here we have some best word games examples given below that you should choose according to your company.

True Story

Would you like to maintain a lie in an intense session of questioning? I think you can’t do it. True Story is the best word game that you can play with a group of friends. All you have to do is, tell a story whether it is true or not, and start answering the questions from other players in your group. In the end, they have to guess that the story you are sharing is true or not.


If you are already familiar with the games like Wordscapes, you’ll surely love this group variant of word games. As there will be no cheating allowed in any case. Get a pad of paper and provide all your group friends, everyone, a sheet. Give everyone a random scrambled word and set a timer for them.
All players need to unscramble the letters to form words as many as they can. The result should be announced after a specific time. The player with the most words will be the winner.

Sticker Shock

This game can be played in a group of Adult friends while having a party. All you need are some sticky labels. Everyone in the group will stick a label on their forehead that you provide to them. Now you have written a mystery word on everyone’s label. The goal for every player is to say their mystery word. If some players are able to say their mystery word then you need to get the label from them. The person with the most labels will be the winner of the game.

Secret Celebrity

In this version of the game, you need to select a player from your group of friends. That selected player needs to host a press conference to pretend as a celebrity. All the other players don’t know who they are pretending to be. They need to ask questions as the media asks in press conferences until they can guess who they are pretending to be. It should be in a word game manner, the player that is selected can be an object, a word, or a phrase.

Copycat Charades

This game is also for your group of friends that you can play during a party. This isn’t like regular charades, at least two people are up to play this game at the same time. The first player that you selected for this game needs to look at the clue and then goes behind everyone out there.
The second player will stand in front of everyone like you do in regular charades, but here in this game, they don’t know the clue. The first player acts like he’s trying to say anything and the second player needs to copy. Most hard play in the Word Games for Adults as the second player doesn’t know what word or phrase the first player is trying to say.

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