7 Best Online Word Games for Kids – The Jumble Solver

You are doing best for your children when you include fun, entertainment, and games in their learning. And online word games are best in this business. As they learn the basics of English dictionaries and build their concepts in vocabulary. Maybe they’re not ready for Anagram yet but can take advantage of free online word games. They can play these awesome games with a little help from a web browser.


If you want to groom your kid well in vocabulary skills then engage them with Wordsmith from a young age. They only need to tap the letters in the right order to form the longest words they can find. Young kids can play easily because for them it starts with only three letters and a maximum of five letters within the two-minute rounds.

Moving forward in the game as they form words and earn gems and points. They can use these to earn bonuses in the game. Different letters have different values as in other Word Puzzle Games. Form words earn points and win the game by learning new things in vocabulary.

Spectacular Spelling Play

We already know that most children love those characters that are familiar to them. They used to buy lunchboxes and backpacks for them with those characters. The same is true with this online word game. In this game, they play with some of the kid’s favorite characters Princess Presto from Super Why.

There is a popular TV show that is already teaching great and the word game is just an addition to it. It’s a very simple game with the starting level; they just need to build words that are based on sounds.

Jumble for Kids

As you already know about the Daily Jumble game is for Adults but here we’re going to talk about the Jumble Word Game for Kids. That offers for word puzzles with mostly three letters. A cartoon jumble is also included with it. That most kids enjoy solving. As because they learn new words through this which indirectly strengthen their vocabulary skills.

You can use our beautifully designed jumble puzzle solver for your kids when they feel stuck during their gameplay. As this game comes with a timer, that is why you need a quick solution. You can play this game online, all you need a web browser with a strong internet connection.

Word Ladder

Most of the children’s online games use almost the same techniques as in the word games for adults and kids. If you and your friends enjoy playing word scrabble games that come with word chains, then your kids will enjoy playing this Word Ladder game. In this game, your targeted goal is to move the words from top to bottom of the ladder. The change will be only one letter per run. There you will see BAT can become CAT and then CAT becomes FAR. Just an example.

This easy Word Puzzle Game for Kids starts at level 1 with just three-letter words. Moving forward to four-letter words from level 2 all the way to level 15 on an eight-step ladder for grades between 2 and 3. There are 10 ladders available for the solution to every player for each level. In the starting levels, kids are offered picture clues which then changed with word-based clues in the next levels.

Aim 2 Spell

Some word puzzle games are so educational that kids can understand and spot them without playing them. A great example of this is Aim 2 Spell. In which spells are hidden under the guise that is more effective and learning-friendly for young kids. If you are familiar with a game like Zuma then you’ll know quickly how it works.

This game creates more interest in young kids when they see in the middle of the screen a cat rotates and shoots at the mice that were trying to pass through the maze. All they need to target the right word by hitting the right mice in the right order.

Word Scramble

This Word Scramble game is a great option for every range of age groups. You can choose easy words for kids in kindergarten and scale all the way to grade 9 students. You need to unscramble the letters to form words, which you can do by dragging the letters in order. There will be an error beep sound when you play the wrong move. The best thing is there is no time limit that means no pressure.

Word Search

A classic word search game that we’re here going to talk about for kids. Whereas the typical word search puzzle can be difficult for younger children. You can find Word Search for your kids on The Learning Apps that feature short words on a small board. This quality feature makes it more accessible for kids who like free online word games.

Moreover, it has a straightforward interface that makes you feel loved with this game. All you need to do is drag the letters in the word search puzzle when you find a scrambled word. You can also choose between some categories like animals, colors, fruits, and vegetables.

Playing with Scramble Words is Always Fun for Kids

When you do allow your kids to play games like word puzzles then Learning isn’t the main task but fun and entertainment are also part of it. If you have smart younger kids who like to solve such puzzle games then offer them a greater challenge with Daily Jumble. They’ll surely enjoy playing this game.

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