6 Best Alexa Word Games to Play – The Jumble Solver

With the help of a simple voice command, yours truly Alexa can do wonders. Apart from doing basic work like setting alarms, Alexa can even play games with you. And this is what we will talk about, one of the jaw-dropping capabilities of Alexa so hang on tight.

Alexa word games are not only the means of entertainment but it brings a lot of education part for the players despite any sorts of ages and skills. You can find multiple Alexa games from the Alexa skills list on Amazon. Below is the list of descriptions of multiple word games you can play with the assistance of Alexa.

Word Master

This game involves lots of interactions; it starts with Alexa by saying a word. Followed by your word that has to start with the letter in which Alexa’s word ended. Alexa repeat your step for the third word. The best part is that you don’t need to find multiple players for this game and Alexa itself is enough for this game. For example, you can play at times of isolation due to covid.

Scores are calculated on the basis of each correct word you spoke. So, the longer and more complex your word the higher will be its score. The game ends if someone fails to respond to the next word or when you say ‘exit’ ‘quit’.

Mad Libs

One of the Amazon Alexa skills can play this classic game. It is more engaging as Alexa asks words according to the parts of speech for example it can ask for an adjective you can answer it by saying “red “or “beautiful”.

Or it can be played in such a way that players are provided with the words. It prompts the player to make the most hilarious, funny, and creative stories out of the provided words. The person with the best story among the other players will be the winner. Too much creativity in a room!


It is an advanced version of anagram played with the virtual assistant of Amazon called Alexa. Alexa reads out specific instructions like word length, clues, hints, and letters in jumbled form for the 2 or 4 players to guess the correct word. The person guessing the word at first and saying out loud will eventually be the winner.

Heads Up

One of the best games so far for the larger groups. This game was initiated by Ellen DeGeneres on her show. Alexa provides three fun facts, hints, or a clue that has to be guessed, as many words as possible on the card. It can be guessing of celebrities, food or movies. Guessing a word in a specific time period is essential.
With prime membership, you have a collection of 5 decks at a low price. It also includes an adults-only collection of mature content. So this diversity makes this game available for vast age groups.

Word Guess Game

Alexa provides shuffled letters of a word. The Player has to guess the word from the letters. This game is the best source to play at times of boring phase. You are allowed to guess the correct word in three attempts only otherwise you will lose a score if failed.
You can ask Alexa for help or to repeat the letters again for you. You cannot skip the question if not answered. You can ask to answer yourself too. You can also change the levels of the word guessing games. This game is the best way to boost your skills and keeps your brain active.

Pair the words

Pair the words like completion of idioms. Alexa will give a word and you have to guess with a pair of those words that becomes a universal phrase, for example, Alexa will say “wait” and you will say “watch”.This is the best way to test knowledge and it will help you learn a lot of new idioms and phrases.

For now, there are almost more than 90 pairs and Alexa keeps on adding new ones. You can play this game each day to reach new levels each day. You should answer within 2 attempts.

All in all, these are some of the best and most interesting word games we have summarized for you in one place. There’s a word puzzle solver that can help you with solving difficult word puzzles if you found any. These can be one of your activities at meetups with friends as it brings so much fun and laughter. Even English teachers can bring these games once a month in their classrooms to make a very engaging and active class for boring English grammar lectures.

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